The Love Zone


The Love Zone is a unique intimate Valentine's day concert curated for The Rotary Club of Langata

We invite you to the Love Zone...where we share love stories through song!! Bring your loved ones, family, friends, lovers, everybody you love. The event serves as a fundraiser for the club's Education Endowment Fund which currently supports 26 underprivileged students be able to attend school. Join us annually as we celebrate love with a great cause!

Previously featuring Nairobi’s leading vocalists Ciano Maimba, June Gachui, Kendi Nkonge, Lisa Oduor-Noah, and Webi.

Backed by Amani Baya on Drums, Tito Monako on Bass, and Victor ‘Tots’ Kimetto on Keys.


Mowtown in Nairobi


The first edition of Motown in Nairobi was held in June 2013. It premiered at the Village Market and was, in a word, successful. Over 450 people danced and sang along for 3 hours to music from the good old days. From the costumes, the wigs, the horn section, and the full band you were transported right back to the 1960s and taken on a musical journey of a lifetime. We deliver nostalgia with excellence!

June also serves on the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) as a Director of the Board, as well as on the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Sector Board for Sports, Culture, and Heritage.

Since then, we’ve produced 7 editions of the production, each with its own success, each growing the Motown audience larger than the previous year!

Motown in Nairobi prides itself in always featuring a variety of vocalists in each edition, carefully selected based on vocal prowess and stage performance. In the past, we have had Denise Gordon, Chris Bittok, Mercy Myra, Edward Parseen, Patricia Kihoro, Ian Mbugua, Maia von Lekow, Alisha Popat, Kendi Nkonge, Victor Muli, David Hunter, Neema Ntalel (Silayio), June Gachui, Noel Nderitu, Kaz and Dela Maranga.

We have also featured masterly instrumentalists including The Nairobi Horn Project, Aaron Rimbui, Eddie Grey, Chris Bittok, Jacob Asiyo, Edward Parseen among others. We have also had the talented Art in Motion pepper the musical performances with steps and moves which makes the show ever so vibrant.


The Heng


Remember the songs of the ‘90s? Yap! We do too... And we have decided to bring them back to life!

Like a blast of nostalgia, every single thing that happened in that transitional era is coming back, in Nairobi's edition of a 90's live music event done in epic style! Dubbed, "The HENG!" We invite our guests (who we fondly refer to as our 'Hengists') to reminisce about the trend-setting era with some of the most iconic, indelible names in rap, hip hop, new jack swing, and of course RnB. "The Heng" promises to bring the best of 90's music and fashion.

It's more than just a revival concert, it's a totally immersive, time-travelling experience, an upbeat party recreating the sights and sounds of 1990s chart music — all in living color ;-). We feature a variety of vocalists, carefully selected based on vocal prowess and stage performance. We match the vocalists as much as possible to the 90’s artists and songs.

The first edition performers included: June Gachui, Mbithi the Rapper, Patricia Kihoro, David Hunter, Silayio, Alvan Gatitu, Noel Nderitu, Angie Gachui, Nikita, Karun, Ciano Maimba, Riggah among others, all accompanied by excellent instrumentalists, masterfully directed by David Hunter, our Music Director (MD) for the "The HENG!".

'PA System' otherwise known as DJ Pinye and DJ Adrian are our DJ partner for this show and they certainly know how to keep the HENG! going. The 90’s were big on dance moves and choreography and so the performances have dance components worked into the show.


The Tribute Series


A community of musicians here in Nairobi curate The Tribute Series, a concert held in memory of musical legends, both living and fallen.

The Tribute Series; a 2 part event that honours those who have passed on as well as those who are still living, creating and colouring our lives. Multi-talented performers come together to celebrate life, music, performance, and the gift of living and fallen musical legends.

The performance features a variety of vocalists carefully selected based on vocal prowess and stage performance.

Previously featured artists include; Noel Nderitu, Webi, Ayrosh, Dan Chizi Aceda, Isaac Kimani, Pete Odera, and Ciano Maimba. Also featuring Lisa Noah-Oduor, Kendi Nkonge, Manasseh Shalom, and Janice Wanjiru, Richard Wandati on Drums, George Nyoro on Keys, Sedar Malaki on Bass, and Newman Owuor on guitar.


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An Evening Remembering African Legends

The Tribute Series: African Legends is a musical experience that is curated to celebrate the life, music, performance and the gift that is African musicians. 

This February we are celebrating departed African Legends. Those who've put African music on the map. Those who created timeless music, with their unique style. Those who’ve inspired and continue inspiring us and paved the way for all of us. 

Come celebrate everything African on 24th and 25th February at The Hub Karen. From the music, dance, food and atmosphere. 

Tribute Series: African Legends will feature a variety of phenomenal vocalists carefully selected based on vocal prowess and stage performance. And remarkable instrumentalists who bring every instrument to life.

Saturday gates open at 5.00 pm, show starts at 6.00 pm. 

Sunday gates open at 4.00 pm, show starts at 5.00 pm.